My mixed media mosaic workshops are for all ages from 11 upwards, including teenagers, adults and complete beginners. I am based in Bristol and can travel throughout the South West. I am happy to customise workshops if you have a special request.
I also have experience in teaching mosaics to people with learning disabilities and autism, and I have the Understanding Autism Certificate Level 2.

We use a range of items in the workshops including glass, porcelain, beads, millefiori, recycled and found items, hand-made pieces and broken crockery. You are
welcome to bring something with you if you want to include it in your mosaic.

Taster Workshop
– 1.5 hrs
The taster workshop designed for complete beginners. Participants will be shown examples of mosaics through the ages, and there will be a demonstration of how to cut and lay the tiles onto a base. Participants will make a coaster or a small mosaic picture to take home with them.

Half Day Workshop – 3 hrs
The half day workshop includes instruction on where to look for sources of inspiration, principles of design, andamento and different methods of cutting materials. Participants will make a mosaic picture or other item to take home with them.

Full Day Workshop – 5 hrs
The full day workshop lasts from 10.30am to 4pm with a break of half an hour for lunch. It is suitable for complete beginners or those with previous experience. The workshop starts with a brief history of mosaics, and some ideas about where to look for inspiration. There will then be a demonstration on the principles of design, andamento and different methods of cutting materials. Participants will make a small mosaic picture during the morning, and will be shown how to grout it during the

Adhesive Cement Workshop
This workshop can either be 3 hours, or a full day workshop and uses adhesive cement. A basic design is drawn out on a blank and students experiment with different tesserae placement until they are happy with the layout. At this stage they can start placing the tesserae in the wet cement, and watch the mosaic start to develop organically. We use a variety of different materials in this workshop including ceramics, glass, pebbles, shells and beads. If you like to be spontaneous then you will definitely enjoy this workshop!

Three Session Workshop – 6hrs
The students will learn how to plan, make and grout their mosaic over a series of 3
x 2 hr sessions. This workshop gives them a bit more time to think about their
design before they have to fix everything into place. It also gives them the
opportunity to finish and grout their mosaic ready to go on display or onto the wall.
They will be supplied with d-rings and shown ways to polish and clean the final
mosaic. Series of 5 sessions can also be arranged.

Group Project
If you would like to plan and design a larger project for a group of people, such as a
mosaic mural, a mosaic garden feature or a small sculpture then a group project can be arranged. The project can be tailored to fit your time and budget constraints.